IdentoGo Partner Inquiry Form
  The information included in this Inquiry Form is critical for MorphoTrust to determine suitability and possibly seek an agreement with you to support fingerprinting programs and/or services at your facility.
  Completion of this form indicates your interest in partnering with MorphoTrust as an IdentoGO Center, but does not guarantee partnership or represent an obligation for either party. Required items are marked with a red asterisk (*). Failure to provide all required information may prolong the inquiry process or result in disqualification.


1. Business/Company Information
    Please provide the following information about your company and the facility at which you are interested in in offering fingerprinting programs and/or services.

2. Facility Primary Point of Contact Information
    Please provide the following information about the primary point of contact for your facility. The primary point of contact is the individual authorized to make decisions about the facility.

3. Program Interest
    We operate a number of different enrollment programs for varying state, federal, and commercial entities. If you specifically know which program(s) you are interested in offering, please check the appropriate box(es). If you do not know which program(s) are available in your area, please check "Any Available."

4. Staffing Information
    IdentoGO Centers must maintain adequate staffing and all employees with access to fingerprint program information and equipment must pass a security assessment that includes credit, criminal, and drug screening. In addition, all employees must be U.S. citizens.

5. Facility Requirements and Parking
For a facility to be approved for use as an IdentoGO Center, it must meet the following minimum infrastructure specifications:
  • A minimum of 200 square feet to be dedicated as IdentoGO space, including appropriate space/waiting area for applicant queuing*
        *The number of expected customers will be provided
  • First floor, storefront positioning with ample off-street parking for automobiles and semi-trailer trucks (truck parking only required for some locations)
  • Safe, inviting environment that is clean and orderly with a comfortable waiting area
  • A climate controlled environment with air conditioning and heating, as required
  • Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) compliant, including public restrooms and drinking water
  • Allows for secure equipment set-up, use, and storage
  • Affords applicants enough privacy to protect Personally Identifiable Information (PII)
  • Wired, high speed Internet connectivity; network connectivity of fingerprint capture stations to the fingerprinting center's communication line

Once submitted, we will review your information and one of our representatives will be in touch.